Conference on...

"Thought and Practice in African Philosophy"

Sixth annual conference of the

International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS)

Co-sponsored and hosted by the Philosophy Department, University of Nairobi

10- 12 March, 2000 Nairobi, Kenya

We invite participants to submit papers on any aspect of African philosophy. We are particularly interested in papers which explore the link between thought, or theory, and practice. What are examples of practices of African philosophy? How do our theories inform our practice of African philosophy? We invite papers that explore: sage philosophy as an emerging practice in African philosophy; analysis of African political thought and practice; comparative philosophical studies, whether between Africa and Europe/ U.S. or Africa and Asia, etc; philosophical analysis of African literary authors; hermeneutical studies in African philosophy; African feminist or womanist critiques; and historical explorations of the beginnings of African philosophy. Submit titles and abstracts by 15 January, 1999.

Registration fees:

For those outside of East Africa: $35 full-time faculty, $15 students.
Includes teas.
Lunches, all three days, add $15.

For those within East Africa: With teas and lunches: 1500 KS, With teas,
no lunches: 300 KS.

Membership in ISAPS: $25 full time faculty, $15 students.

We appreciate if participants, especially those from outside of East Africa can pay upon registration, as early start-up funds will help us in organizing the conference. Participants should note that this tiered scheme of payment is necessary to generate enough funds for the smooth running of the conference, while taking into account the significant differences in salaries between faculty and students, as well as U.S./ Europe/ South Africa compared to East Africa. Any person who is eager to come but experiencing financial difficulty should write the organizers (F. Ochieng’-Odhiambo, Philosophy Dept., Univ. of Nairobi, or phone 33 42 44 x 28222) and explain the circumstances, and we will see if anything can be done.

Visa information: Most travelers from U.S., Europe and S. Africa do not need a visa for a stay of less than 30 days. Consult your travel agent for specific information regarding your situation. Vaccinations: Yellow fever is the only one required. Malaria is not much of a problem within Nairobi itself, but if you plan to travel to other parts of Kenya, you may want to take anti-malaria medication. Consult your doctor. Air ticket prices: We will not be involved in organizing air tickets, but as a rough estimate, last March a round trip air ticket New York- Nairobi was priced at $888 round trip on Sabena/ Swiss Air, and about $1000 on British Airways. Those from South Africa should check for specials on Kenya Airways, as low as R 2700 - 3200, but often they’re not announced early. Usual fares are about R 5000.

REGISTRATION FORM: ISAPS Conference, 10-12 March, University of Nairobi.



Academic Affiliation:


E mail, if available:


Would you like to present a paper? If so, its title:

(Please attach paper abstract).

Registration fee: ____ $35 Faculty _____ $15 Student
Lunches all three days ____ $15

Membership dues: ____ $25 Faculty ____ $15 Student

Accommodation: Would you like us to make a hotel reservation on your behalf? If so, here are the options we recommend, all within easy walking distance of the conference venue. All prices quoted are for self-contained rooms. We provide rough conversion equivalents for prices in US dollars and South African rands. Also, these are the current prices. We cannot guarantee that prices will be the same in March, although we don’t expect substantial increases. Conference participants are responsible for paying their own accommodation.

Meridian Court Hotel: Suites, small kitchen (fridge and sink), T.V. Restaurants and pool in the building, located four blocks away from the University (a bit surrounded by traffic). KS 2285 single/ 3100 double. = USD $30 single/ $41 double. = R 180 single/ 246 double.

United Kenya Club: clean, adequate rooms. Location is somewhat quiet regarding traffic noise (compared to Meridian). The club restaurant is often a popular place for socializing. KS 1735 single, 2935 double. = USD $23 single, $39 double. = R 138 single/ 234 double.

YMCA: Basic rooms, pool, restaurant. Popular with young travelers. KS 940 single, 1480 double. = $12.50 single, $20 double. = R 75 single/ 120 double.

Reservation request:
Which hotel?

How many/ which nights?

Mailing instructions: Registration forms and paper proposals should be mailed to: F. Ochieng’-Odhiambo, Philosophy Department, University of Nairobi, PO Box 30197, Nairobi, Kenya, or by email to: Paper proposals can also be sent to: Sam Imbo,
Philosophy Dept., Hamline University, 1536 Hewitt Ave, St. Paul, MN, 55104-1284, U.S.A., or by e mail to: Mail all checks separately to: Beth Butterfield, Department of Philosophy, Emory University, 214 Bowden Hall, 561 S. Kilgo Circle, Atlanta, GA, 30322, U.S.A. Please make all checks payable to ISAPS.

ISAPS as a society has made special attempts to unite scholars of African philosophy and studies who reside both in the U.S. and in Africa, as well as other parts of the world. ISAPS has held past conferences at: University of West Indies, Jamaica; Townson State University, Maryland, U.S.A.; University of the North, South Africa; Binghamton University, New York, U.S.A.; and Loyola University, Chicago, U.S.A. You are encouraged to join ISAPS.