An email list for the discussion of topics related to the philosophy of African society and history, its current issues and future directions.

The primary purpose of this List is to provide a forum for the exchange of views, experiences, techniques, and professional information pertaining to the teaching and study of the philosophical thought of African and African-diaspora cultures. The principal emphasis of the List will be upon the philosophical examination of African thought and culture, though this emphasis should not be taken restrictively or in a manner excluding the consideration of other approaches (e.g., literary, historical, anthropological, etc.)

"African Philosophy" will deliberately remain a vague term. It can refer to philosophy practiced, produced or originating in Africa, philosophy as done by Africans or members of the diaspora, philosophy inspired by African concepts, or philosophy relevant to African concerns, among other things.

We anticipate and encourage discussion on this List of such topics as:

Thus, this list is primarily intended to be a forum

The list is largely unmoderated and open to anyone, from any discipline, with a serious academic interest in this area of study. Questions, shared research and insight, and relevant conference announcements/calls for papers are welcome and encouraged.

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