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This page includes African/a philosophers past and present. It is currently incomplete, and does not imply anything about who is "really" an African philosopher or not. If the individual has his or her own home page, it can be accessed by clicking on the name. Otherwise, information pages or other revelant resources are located across from the person's name. Underlined names indicate that there is a home page or an information page. If you think a name should be on here, or you have a link, please let me know. If you do not see an entry for someone here, you could try the International Directory of African Studies Scholars at Columbia. It may provide useful information. Eventually email addresses will also be included for those who have them.

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Last Updated: 21 February 2006

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Apostel, Leo  
Appiah, Kwame Anthony 
Baker, Thomas Nelson  
Bernasconi, Robert  
Bidima, Jean-Godefroy  
Binsbergen, Wim van  
Bodunrin, Peter  
Bogues, Anthony  
Boxill, Bernard  
Bulhan, H.  
Cabral, Amilcar  
Cormier, Harvey  
DuBois, W. E. B. 
English, Parker  
Eze, Emmanuel  
Fanon, Frantz 
Fontaine, William  
Gates, Henry Louis  
Gbadegesin, Segun  
Gordon, Lewis  
Graness, Anke  
Griaule, Marcel  
Gyekye, Kwame  
Hallen, Barry  
Hardimon, Michael O.  
Harding, Sandra  
Harris, Leonard  
Horton, Robin  
Hountondji, Paulin  
Ikuenobe, Polycarp  
Imbo, Sam Oluoch  
Jahn, Jahnheinz  
James, C. L. R. 
James, Joy  
Janz, Bruce  
Johnson, Clarence Shole  
Kagame, Alexis  
Kalumba, Kibujjo  
Kimmerle, Heinz  
King, Peter  
Kiros, Teodros  
Kluijskens, Drs. J.  
Kresse, Kai  
Kwame, Safro 
Lampert, Jay  
Lawson, Bill E.  
Locke, Alain Leroy 
Lott, Tommy  
Mamdani, Mahmood  
Masolo, D. A.  
Maybee, Julie  
Mbembe, Achille 
Mbiti, John S.  
McClendon, John  
McGary, Howard  
Mills, Charles  
Mbongo, J. Nsame  
Monyenye, Solomon  
Moses, Greg  
Mosley, Albert  
Mudimbe, Valentin  
Nicolas, Lionel  
Ngugi wa Thiong'o 
Nkrumah, Kwame 
Nyerere, Julius  
Nzegwu, Nkiru  
Ochieng-Odhiambo, Fred  
Oruka, Henry Odera  
Outlaw, Lucius  
Pittman, John  
Presbey, Gail  
Qadhafi, Muammar 
Scott, Jacqueline  
Senghor, L. Sedar 
Serequeberhan, Tsenay  
Shutte, Augustine  
Simpson, Lorenzo  
Sodipo, J. O.  
Sumner, Claude 
Sundstrom, Ronald  
Taiwo, Olufemi  
Tangwa, Geoffrey 
Tempels, Placide 
  • Placide Tempels (Centre Aequatoria) - Many resources, including full text editions of papers and a critical edition of Bantu Philosophy. All resources in French, although there is an English introductory page.
Thomas, Laurence  
Thompson, Stephen  
Visage, Johan  
Washington, Johnny  
West, Cornel 
Wilson, William Julius  
Wiredu, Kwasi  
Wright, Richard  
Yaeqob, Za'ra  
Zack, Naomi