Large Group
A once-a-week meeting to celebrate together
Large Group is a time when our Intervarsity group gathers as a larger group to worship God in song, hear messages from the Bible, pray, and spend time in fellowship together. Students of all faiths (or of no faith) and all races are welcome to join us. Large Group is a great place to meet a very diverse group of people and seek out answers to life’s big questions.

While Large Group activities change from week to week, a typical Large Group would go as follows:
-We spend time talking and meeting new people before Large Group officially begins.
-We spend some time praising and worshipping God though song and music, led by a group of students on the worship team.
-After worship, someone (An InterVarsity Staff member, or invited guest speaker) shares a message from the Bible.
-At the end, we spend time in fellowship, talking, and praying together. Staff and student leaders will be available at the end of the meeting to help you wrestle with any questions you may have about God, Jesus, Christianity, the Bible, etc.

** After Large Group we go to Friendly's to hang out and eat ice cream.
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