• Distributed Learning Faculty and Course Development Grant (2000) $2,000
    University of Central Florida

    This in-house University of Central Florida grant was provided for the development
    and conversion of the courses EDG 7356 and EDG 6236 to Web-Ct format. Features
    of the course include: on-line discussion postings, mail, materials, internet links, and
    other useful resources to support course content.

  • Fulbright Scholar Academic Diplomat, Siauliai Pedagogical Institute (1997-8)
    $ 28,000
  • The Council for International Exchange of Scholars awarded $28,000 under
    Fulbright program with Lithuania in 1997. A comparison of teacher education
    between the United States and the newly independent republic of Lithuania was
    reviewed. Considerable research was spent with the American Embassy in Vilnius,
    Lithuania as was teaching at Siauliai Pedagogical University.
  • Pre-service Instructional Technology Initiative Project Number 481-96960-9100A
    Funded 1991-92, $65,000 (Faculty Associate)

    A selection of a three member team to participate in the state sponsored Instruction
    Technology training will consist of: Computers as Classroom Tools and Integrating
    Technology in the Math and Science Curriculum. The Faculty Associates following
    their training will train other faculty on the use of technology for the enhancement of

  • Urban Teaching Residency Partnership: A Model to Support Professional Induction
    Funded $ 250,000 (Faculty Associate)
    The Urban Teaching Residency Partnership is a team based, coaching model designed
    to provide beginning teachers in urban settings with extensive support and assistance.
    The partnership provides first year teachers, through mentoring/coaching from a school-
    based lead teacher and from a university partner, to consistently apply the knowledge,
    skills and professional norms essential to their practice. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to support beginning teachers in the work of providing meaningful learning experiences for their students.
Not Funded
  • Performance Based Assessment in Graduate Education Aligned with NBPTS and
    NCATE Standards for Institutions of Higher Education (2002) $153,629

      The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, organized with a regional
      and state membership structure, to establish high standards for what teachers need to
      know and be able to do, and to certify teachers who meet that standard along with
      The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the
      University of Central Florida will develop a clearing house of teacher performance
      based tools for the improvement of graduate education.

  • Delivering General Methods through Distance Learning (1996) $36,675

The University Of Central Florida's College of Education, in cooperation with
the Orange County Public Schools, the Volusia County Public Schools, the
Brevard County Public Schools, Daytona Beach Community College, and Brevard
Community College, proposes to deliver portions of its Alternative Certification
Program using existing and emerging technologies via Distance Learning.

  • Corporation for National Service Learn and Serve America: Higher Education
    Educational Foundations Office of Service Learning (1995) $103,094

This program was designed to have 35 Lead Scholars students enrolled at the
University of Central Florida to demonstrate their leadership role by coordinating
the service learning placements of 350 student volunteers in over 50 agencies during
the Fall and Spring and Summer semesters. The lead scholars will be assessed in a
course by the completion of reflective papers, projects and surveys.

  • Blueprint Center of Educational ImprovementTechnologyEducation (1991)
The College of Education and the Center for Research and Development (CERD) at
The University of Central Florida is seeking support for a Technology Education
Center. The technology Center would provide in-service and pre-service education,
research, and the extension of enhanced curriculum materials.
  • Space Science for Middle School Students (1990) $20,000
High achieving minority middle grade (6-8) students were to be actively involved
with space science in a 2 week day program at The University of Central Florida. No
previous experience with space science was necessary. A range of topics were to be
presented from a historical as well as a futuristic perspective. Computers and
alternate assessment techniques were to be utilized for instruction. Middle grade
teachers from Orange, Seminole, and Osceola area school districts with experience in
the NASA programs for mathematics and science teachers were to be selected for the
instruction. Field trip experience and hands-on learning activities were to be
emphasized in the instruction.

  • Governor's Summer Program for the Study of Geography, (1988) $19,692.00,
    Not Funded.
Outstanding 6th-8th graders selected by their social science teachers on the basis of student expressed interest in geography were to be included in a 2 week summer day program. The school districts to be included were as follows: Orange, Osceola, Seminole, Brevard and Volusia Counties. The involvement of the faculty was to ensure that the course had a lasting impact on the educational process in these counties. Lead teachers, university faculty, and university coordinators were to be funded from the grant resource.