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Shabbat Fact of the Month:

Why do we light candles on Shabbat?

Many Jews from across the spectrum of ideology and observance find candle lighting to be meaningful way to usher in Shabbat.  The candles literally and metaphorically bring light into the household and create a tangible boundary between the weekday and the Sabbath.


Click to view a multimedia presentation on how to light Shabbat candles.


The history of Why we light Shabbat Candles


Shabbat Candle Lighting Blessings


What are the laws of Candle Lighting for the blind?

Candle Lighting Times


Jan 2:   5:24pm

Jan 9:   5:28pm

Jan 16: 5:34pm

Jan 23: 5:39pm

Jan 30: 5:44pm

Feb 6:   5:49pm

Feb 13: 5:54pm

Feb 20: 5:59pm

Feb 27: 6:03pm

Mar 5:   6:07pm

Mar 12: 6:10pm

Mar 19: 6:14pm

Mar 26: 6:17pm

Apr 2:   6:20pm

Apr 9:   7:23pm

Apr 16: 7:26pm

Apr 23: 7:30pm

Apr 30: 7:33pm

May 7:  7:37pm

May 14: 7:41pm

May 21: 7:44pm

May 28: 7:48pm

Jun 4:   7:51pm

Jun 11: 7:54pm

Jun 18: 7:56pm

Jun 25: 7:58pm



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