Resources for Teenage Pregnancy

Florida Education and Employment Council for Women and Girls

Healthy Start Coalition in Florida

Healthy Start of Pasco County

General Information about Teenage Pregnancy

Center for Disease Control Teenage Pregnancy Info
Press Release for Natality and Teenage Pregnancy Reports
Ask NOAH about Pregnancy-March of Dimes
Public Health Information on Teenage Pregnancy
Photo Documentary
This site has great photos and stories of actual people and programs
Giving the Gift
This page is a frequently asked question (FAQ) file on virginity compiled by Derek Wojciech - July 21, 1995
Self Help and Psychology Magazine -- Teenage Pregnancy: A Possible Solution?
Article by Mary Jurmain, M.S. and Judy Loughlin
The Doctor is In: Teenage Pregancy
28 minute VHS videotape by the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Concept Resource Map for Adolescent Pregnancy
Information and Links from British Columbia, Canada
Teacher Talk Electronic Journal
A new publication for secondary teachers featuring examination of adolescent sexuality

Statistics/Bibliographic Information

Youth Indicators 1993 Trends in the Well-Being of American Youth
National Center for Education Statistics
Highlights of a New Report
National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) Births to unmarried mothers United States, 1980-92
Teenage Pregnancy, Birth and Abortion Rates
This site has great charts. Go to the bottom and select next page to get all the information
ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education
Parenting Programs for Teenage Mothers
Public Health Library Teenage Pregnancy
Bibliography from Berkeley on Teenage Pregnancy
Gopher Menu of Government Statistics
A government gopher menu for Kids Count


Philanthropy Journal of North Carolina
Article on a Statewide Coalition that Targets Teen Pregnancy
Teen Parent Program, Arkansas
Homepage of the Alma High School Teen Parent Program of Alma, Arkansas
Teen Help
This organization has information and links for support of teenagers and their families
Teen Help Center
This is an informal site that has good links for teenage pregnancy and others

Legislative Action

Florida Teen Pregnancy Prevention Bill
Current language of Florida House Bill 1627
Colorado Ballot Proposal 18
Current proposal to make biological parents pay for health care in Colorado
California Select Senate Committee
Committee for the prevention of teenage pregnancy in California
University of Central Florida Updated March 31, 1996