1.    Teaching Limited English Speaking Children
               A position paper developed from a presentation at the 1991 international
               conference of the National Association for Multicultural Education NAME),
               Orlando, FL   Also, see TESOL Materials

               Suggested orientation, contexts and techniques for teaching LEP students

   3.    ESOL Perspectives
               Perspectives, Strategies and Implications for teaching ESOL

   4.    ESOL Competencies   DOWNLOAD from National Center for Bilingual Education
               A Pedagogical Framework for Bilingual Education Teacher Preparation Programs
                by JoAnn Canales and Jose Agustin Ruiz-Escalante

   4.    An article concerning ESOL Competencies   From National Center for Bilingual Education
               Currently, NCBE is not responding on this items. We're looking into other sources for the

   5.    Reading notes on Second Language Acquisition
               Excerpts from Second Language Acquisition in Children
               by Barry McLaughlin (1985)

   6.    ESOL Consent Decree
                 Excerpts regarding both the Consent Decree and the state mandate
                on teacher education. NOT YET READY

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Meet James Gurney: Dinosaur Stamp Artist
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