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Websites with Information Relevant to Modern American Poetry

Poets' Websites

Robert Frost

Ezra Pound

T.S. Eliot

Marianne Moore

Hart Crane

Langston Hughes

William Carlos Williams

Wallace Stevens


Poetry Websites

Authors' Webiology: LSU Library

List of links to other Websites about individual authors.

National Poetry Foundation Page

Foremost publishers of scholarly work on Ezra Pound, also promotes work on other Modern poets. Includes link to an online journal on Ezra Pound.

Poets' Corner

Extensive collection of poetry on the Web, providing links to poetry published online.

20th Century Modern Poets

Site created by Michael Hishikawa, a literature professor at Kobe university. Links to over 150 Modern American poets.

Voice of the Shuttle

Excellent source for links to Humanities Websites, including ones on American literature.

Yahoo: Poets' Links

Comprehensive list of links to Websites on individual poets.

Listserv Sites

These are reference sites for finding Internet discussion groups (listservs). Many listervs are about scholarly topics. You participate via e-mail in group discussions about a particular subject. These sites also tell you how to subscibe to the group.

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