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Recommended biographies on modern American poets

Robert Frost

Richard Poirier's The Work of Knowing - Dated but still one of the best; there aren't any really good recent bios.
William H. Pritchard's Frost: A Literary Life Reconsidered.

Ezra Pound

Hugh Kenner's The Pound Ezra - Still the bible; difficult, more like an encyclopedia of modernism than a book on EP.
Noel Stock's The Life of Ezra Pound
Wendy Flory's The American Ezra Pound

T.S. Eliot

Lyndall Gordon's 2-volumn Eliot's Early Years and Eliot's New Life
Peter Ackroyd's T.S. Eliot

Marianne Moore

Bonnie Costello's Marianne Moore
Grace Schulman's study, Marianne Moore: The Poetry of Engagement

Hart Crane

John Unterrecker's Voyager: The Life of Hart Crane - Dated but good; there is no recent bio.

Langston Hughes

Arnold Rampersad's 2-volumn bio, Life of Langston Hughes - Considered the standard.

William Carlos Willams

Paul Mariani's William Carlos Williams: A New World Naked - Probably the best bio to date.

Wallace Stevens

Milton Bates' Wallace Stevens: A Mythology of Self - An excellent critical intro/bio.
Joan Richardson's 2-volumn bio Wallace Stevens.


Rachel Blau DuPlessis' H.D.: The Career of That Struggle
Janice Robinson's H.D.: The Life and Work of an American Poet
Any of the work on H.D. by Susan Stanford Friedman

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