Dingbao Wang, Associate Professor

Postdoctoral Researcher

Milad Hooshyar, (co-supervise with Dr. Singh), UCF P3 and NCED2 post-doctoral fellowship, 2017-present

Current graduate Students

Marwan Kheimi, Ph.D., 2015-present

Yuan Gao, Ph.D., 2017-present

Lili Yao, Ph.D., 2017-present

Saba Ghotbi, Ph.D. (co-advisor, Dr. Singh), 2017-present

Daljit Sandhu, Ph.D., (co-advise with Dr. Singh), 2017-present

Visiting Scholars

Chengguo Wu, Visiting Scholar

Undergraduate Students

Former Members

Ph.D. Dissertation

Han Xiao, Ph.D., 2017

Milad Hooshyar, Ph.D., 2017, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UCF

Yin Tang, Ph.D., 2017, Assistant Professor, IGSNRR, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Seo-young Kim, 2016, Civil Engineering Consultants, San Antonio, TX

Erin Reed, 2016 (co-advise with Dr. Duranceau), Geosyntec, Winter Springs, FL

Debapi Ghosh, 2015, AECOM, Orlando, FL

Xi Chen, 2014, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

Master Thesis

Chris Rowney, 2015, Orlando, FL

Jonathan Griffen, 2014, Design Engineer, Pueblo County Government, Pueblo, CO

Alden Baker, 2013, Project Engineer at Kelly, Collins & Gentry, Orlando, FL

Liuliu Wu, 2013, FDS Engineering Associates, Orlando, FL

Negin Alimohammadi, 2012, Inwood Consulting Engineers, Orlando, FL

Hitoshi Tamura, 2012, co-advise with Dr. Hagen