Dingbao Wang, Associate Professor

Postdoctoral Researcher

Milad Hooshyar, (co-supervise with Dr. Singh), UCF P3 and NCED2 post-doctoral fellowship, 2017-present

Current graduate Students

Han Xiao, Ph.D., 2014-present

Marwan Kheimi, Ph.D., 2015-present

Daljit Sandhu, Ph.D., (co-advise with Dr. Singh), 2017-present

Yuan Gao, Ph.D., 2017-present

Lili Yao, Ph.D., 2017-present

Saba Ghotbi, (co-advise with Dr. Singh) Ph.D., 2017-present

Visiting Scholars

Chengguo Wu, Visiting Scholar

Undergraduate Students

Former Members

Ph.D. Dissertation

Milad Hooshyar, Ph.D., 2013-207, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UCF

Yin Tang, Ph.D., 2014-2017

Seo-young Kim, 2013-2016, Civil Engineering Consultants, San Antonio, TX

Erin Reed, 2013-2016 (co-advise with Dr. Duranceau), Geosyntec, Winter Springs, FL

Debapi Ghosh, 2013-2015, AECOM, Orlando, FL

Xi Chen, 2011-2014, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

Master Thesis

Chris Rowney, 2013-2015, Orlando, FL

Jonathan Griffen, 2012-2014, Water Resources Engineer, Harris Kocher Smith, Denver, CO

Alden Baker, 2011-2013, Project Engineer at Kelly, Collins & Gentry, Orlando, FL

Liuliu Wu, 2012-2013, AW Solutions Inc, Orlando, FL

Negin Alimohammadi, 2011-2012, Inwood Consulting Engineers, Orlando, FL

Hitoshi Tamura, 2010-2012, co-advise with Dr. Hagen