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Welcome to the University of Central Florida Caribbean Student Association's Freshman Friends page. Aside from being one of; if not the most active organizations on campus we strive to enrich the college experience of all of members by providing opportunities not found in many other on campus organizations. Freshman Friends aims to do just that. Freshman Friends is a mentoring program provided by CSA with the goal of easing the transition of the new freshman class to college life and possibly being on their own for the first time. We do this by assigning each freshmen to an upperclassmen whom they share either academic or personal interests with. This gives them someone to show them the ins and outs how things are done at UCF, what teachers to take, places to go out, what opportunities to take advantage of, etc. Often times in Freshman Friends, more personal bonds are made that continue long after you have left the UCF campus. 

How to join the program:

Just fill out a Freshman Friends application!

They can be picked up and turned in, at any general body meeting or in the Multicultural Student Center (MSC) located on the first floor of the Union room 153.

Sincerely Mr. CSA, your Freshman Friends Chair

Kadeem Stewart

Want to win a free trip to conference?

   Participate in our scavenger hunt and you can win!

Here are the Requirements:

Be a paid member

Write Essay on: What I love about CSA; If I had to pick a theme for conference what would it be and why; and what do you love about your culture and why.

You must also complete these tasks:

Meeting Attendance

Refer a friend & have them become a member

Event Attendance

Attend MSC Kort Workshops

Attend Community Service

Volunteer at Concession stands at Magic Games

Wednesday Tabling

Meeting & Event Promotion by tagging CSA at UCF in it on Facebook

Take a Picture with flag (NOT YOUR OWN COUNTRY) by a reflection pond

Take a Picture with flag(NOT YOUR OWN COUNTRY) with 3 knight sculptures

Take a picture with an e-board member (can’t be at a meeting or a social)

Take a picture with a member at Marks cafe

Take a picture with Ms. Anne Marie