Caribbean Students’ Association
Caribbean Students’ Association

At the University of Central Florida


The Caribbean Students’ Association (CSA) at the University of Central Florida (UCF) has a short and colorful history.  In April 1985, the idea for the Caribbean Club was conceived and acted upon by a few dedicated students, who spent many days trying to solicit enough signatures to officially activate the organization.  The Caribbean Club, as it was called, served as a “home away from home” for many of the Caribbean students at UCF.  The club was formed with the purpose of fostering a cultural bridge between the Caribbean and the United States.

In the Spring of 1990, the club was re-activated.  It was rough in the beginning, but the hard work and persistence finally paid off in the Spring 1992 when Caribbean Students’ Association was officially formed and the membership blossomed from 15 to over 100 members.  The hard work and persistence finally paid off. 

The Club meetings provided a relaxed atmosphere for students to meet and network.  Students of all cultures were encouraged to share their Caribbean heritage while keeping the traditions of our Caribbean ancestors.  Today, our membership has increased to more than 300 students.  Dedicated members have been the key to the success of CSA.  

In 1992 our Association at UCF became one of the five educational institutions that started the Florida Caribbean Students' Association and it is one of the initial five organizations at UCF to become a part of the university’s Multi-Cultural Student Center.

Today, CSA is one of the most active and productive student organizations on the University of Central Florida’s campus.

CSA gives special thanks for its success to:
Las Adams, Elton Bracey, Victor Flores, Barry Brennen, Kisha Dunn, Tricia Phillip, 
Deanna Hoyen, Alfredo Barrott Jr., Patrice Phillip, Denise Green, Drumeco Lauritson, Gordon McKenzie, Jason Isree, Jey Singam, Yonette Forde, Sharon Cruz, Lisa Pitram, Andrea Brown.

Most of All:
Raymond Permaul, Lynnette Permaul, Jameer Abass, Edmund Dabiedah and Anne Marie de Govia