What is Co-op?

Cooperative Education, often referred to as "Co-op," is an academic program in which students work in their major fields of study for competitive salaries. Co-op offers a blend of theory and practice, combining formal university preparation with practical work experience. Through the cooperation of the university, employers worldwide, and interested students, Co-op is a vital part of the educational process at UCF and an important link between the university and the business community.

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How Co-op Works

Through Co-op, students work in professionally oriented positions which increase in responsibility as they progress academically. Students participate in the program by one of two methods. Generally, co-op assignments require students to commit to work a minimum of two terms with the same employer. Most students who co-op graduate in the same time period as those who do not by including summers in their academic schedule. Those, however, who take an extra semester or more to finish find that the extra time is not lost since co-op work experience saves them time in job searches by enhancing their ability to receive professional job offers.
Students who qualify for financial aid may be eligible for a special program called the Florida Work Experience Program. Inquire at the Co-op Office for details.

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The University

Founded in 1963, the University of Central Florida is a comprehensive, metropolitan state university and ranks among the fastest growing universities in Florida. UCF offers over 150 baccalaureate and advanced degree programs with state-of-the-art facilities that place it in the forefront of teaching and research institutions.
UCF is on a semester system which comprises a three-term academic year as follows:
  • Fall (August-December)
  • Spring (January-April)
  • Summer (May-August)
    Cooperative Education began at UCF in 1968 and has become the largest program in the state and an integral part of the university's effort to promote partnerships with the business community. Both undergraduate and graduate students from all five colleges participate in Co-op.

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