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    Folklife research is an important part of the mission of the UCF Cultural Heritage Alliance. By making connections with and documenting the work of traditional artists and communities in Central Florida, the Alliance can foster a greater appreciation for the varied traditions that flourish all around us. On this site you can learn more about a variety of areas of Central Florida folklife including:

  • Latin American and Spanish artists including Lilly Carrasquillo of Orlando (Puerto Rican vijegante masks and Mexican-American ofrendas)
  • Asian artists including Tina Nguyen (Vietnamese folk music including instruments like the Dan Bau and Dan Tranh) and
  • African Diasporic traditions including Martin Zagbo and Thobos Lubamba of Groupe Afric Azolou of Orlando (Ivorian and Congolese music and dance).

    Archive materials are also integral to understanding the culture and history of Central Florida. Explore the site to read more about the Greek community of Tarpon Springs or discover the musical legacy of African-American gospel steel guitar-playing.

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