Welcome to P.O.V.

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on..."
                                            The Tempest 

Point of View, my first Great Experiment in Internet Page design, is the collaborative effort of most of the computer and media specialists, coordinators, systems analysts, and lab assistants at the University of Central Florida who have been subjected to perennial pestering. Thank you for your exceeding patience, gentleness, and cooperation.

P.O.V.(point of view) is a collection of interdisciplinary information on creativity. At the University of Central Florida, Pegasus is the trusty steed that leads us to our stars, to galaxies of creative thoughts and dreams.

On our home planet, the Department of English provides our launchpad into the imagination.

Supporting creativity in our community, one of Central Florida's doors to the film world opens at the Enzian Theater and Florida Film Festival.

In Hawaii bottlenose dolphins have their own sources for creativity, previously untapped by humans. Kaiko's ring bubbles were introduced in the August 1996 "Scientific American." While Jane Goodall's historical observation of tool-making chimps stunned the world, these equally amazing creatures seem to be having a lot more fun.

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