P.O.V.:  Strategies for Strong Writing

Instructor:  Terry L. Bryant
Classroom:  HFA 207E, MWF 9:30-10:20 A.M.
Office Hours:  Monday, 10:30-11:30, or by appointment
Office:  HFA 304D (823-5461);  823-5417 (Jan) for messages only

Prerequisite:  ENC 1101

Texts:	Bell, Developing Arguments
	Schiffhorst and Schell, The Short Handbook for Writers 
	01 - 	 Course Introduction (P.O.V.; Morning Writing)
		C.2 Toulmin Model; Claims of Fact, Claims of Cause & Effect
		C.2 Claims of Value, Claims of Policy
	02 - 	Holiday,
		C.6 Audience, Warrant
		Intro. to Computer Labs, Memos
	03 - 	Assign Core #1 Editorial Response-Critical Analysis of a Film 		C.3 Interviews
		C.4 Search Strategies 
	04 - 	C.5 Problem Investigation, Rhetorical Context
		Library Work
		Paraphrase & Summary; collect Core #1
	05 - 	C.7 Appeal to Ethos, Assign Core #2
		C.7 Appeal to Logic and to Emotion (Swift)
		C.8 Degree of Opposition
	06 - 	C.9 Classical Structure
		C.9 Rogerian Structure
		C.9 Monroe's Motivated Sequence
		Final Week for LUIS Quest at Library (turn in verification)
	07 - 	C.10 Controlling Language
		C.11 Documenting Sources
	08 - 	Conferences, collect Core #2 	
	09 - 	C.12 Research Paper Strategies, Assign Core #3
	10 - 	R.P.S. continued
	11 - 	R.P.S. continued; collect Core #3; Assign Core #4
	12 - 	Holiday, Conferences
	13 - 	Conferences, Core #4 due Nov. 22, 1996		
	14 - 	In-class Presentations; Revision
	15 - 	Selection:  Demonstration of Mastery, Last Class
	16 - 	Portfolio Distribution

	Essays 1-4 in boldface type are Core Assignments.
	Assignments may change with notification from the instructor.

Gordon Rule:  Students must submit 6,000 words for grading within this
semester.  A grade of "C" or above is an acceptable passing grade (consult
the Undergraduate Catalog for details).

Grading Policy:  See Official Grading Policy Change (handout).
                 See Core Assignment Suggestions (handout).

The final grade is primarily determined by an average of the grades on
major writing assignments.  Essays 1 to 4 on this syllabus are the Core
Assignments for ENC 1102; in addition, other essays and daily writing will
be assigned throughout the semester.  The research paper and its component
assignments determine approximately one-third of the final grade for this
course.  In-class writing, class participation, homework (memos,
revisions, etc.) and portfolio presentation, and overall improvement are
also important considerations and receive the credit of major assignments.  

Class attendance is essential in a workshop course; in-class writing
assignments may not be made up.  Habitual tardiness is disrespectful and
will affect the final grade.  Three (3) unexcused absences are allowed
before the final grade is lowered one letter grade per absence.  25%
absence = "F"

All papers are to be word processed in a 12 point font and are due at the
beginning of class on the due-date assigned [submit late papers in class
at the beginning of the next class].  LATE PAPERS are penalized one letter

Plagiarism is the basis for an "F" (consult the Undergraduate Catalog).

Instructional Support:  In addition to personal assistance from the
instructor, students may request tutoring from SARC.  Consult the
instructor for more information.

Portfolio Assignment:  Consistent with the professional nature of the
writer's workshop, students will develop a portfolio of their works.  The
portfolio will be used for collection of all assignments throughout the
semester; it will also be used to encourage reflection upon those works by
both the writer and his or her peers.  Finally, students will be asked to
conclude the workshop by assessing a selection of their finest work; this
selection should demonstrate mastery of the skills of argumentative
writing, thereby justifying the students' efforts and final grade.