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      Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering (Dec 1994) GPA: 3.5

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida


      Master of Science, Industrial Engineering (June 1991)

University of Mysore, India


      Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering (May 1989)

University of Mysore, India




      Recipient of the ASHRAE Grant-in-aid Research Fellowship.

      University of Florida Graduate Research Scholarship.

      Ranked third for the University in the M.Tech course.



Oct 94 - date Senior Research Engineer, Buildings Research Division, Florida Solar Energy Center/UCF


EnergyGauge - Energy analysis and rating software

   Technical Support - Telephone and internet based technical support.

   Testing - Testing, bug tracking and reporting

   Development - Involved in development of psychrometric subroutines (using DELPHI 1.0/3.0)

   Install Software - Responsible for creating installations for the different versions (using INSTALLSHIELD and SAX SETUP98)


Operation: Open for Business! Database

   Responsible for design, development and maintenance of an extensive ACCESS 2000 database for audit and building test data from various business establishments in Deerfield Beach business district.

   Responsible for running building energy simulations (using FEDS4.1) to determine cost-effective building energy retrofits, the savings from which would offset most or all of the costs for hurricane-mitigation retrofits.


Energy efficiency analysis and rating of homes for the EPA=s Energy Star Homes Program

   Computer based energy efficiency recommendations for newly constructed homes to meet EPA=s Energy Star demands.


Computer Modeling of Dehumidification Technologies

   Porting of VAX/VMS based heat-pipe and 100% OADX performance subroutines (FORTRAN) to PC based platform (DOS/Windows).


Assessment & Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Ventilation Technologies to Meet ASHRAE Standard 62-1989

   Computer simulation of various commercial buildings to examine the effects of increased ventilation rates. The study included simulation of alternate HVAC technologies to evaluate their performance to meet the new ventilation standard. An extensive life cycle cost analysis was also performed.


Apr 94 - Sep 94 Energy Engineer, Energy Analysis and Diagnostic Center (EADC), Gainesville, FL


In-plant energy audits to identify and analyze energy conservation opportunities (ECOs).

Preparation of audit reports describing the cost-effective ECOs including the expected savings.



Jan 92 - Aug 94 Graduate Research Assistant, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL


Transient simulation of a Solid Desiccant System with a Solar regenerator

Simulative performance evaluation of a Steam-Jet Refrigeration System.



Jun 91 - Aug 91 Engineer, Jobsmachinenfabrik, Bangalore, India


Design of material handling equipment (Custom made conveyors, and Cranes).

In-plant routine maintenance of the material handling equipment.

Jan 91 - Jun 91 Intern, New Govt. Electric Factory, Bangalore, (Affiliate of AEG, Germany) India.


Development of a general, systematic reconditioning module for machine tools.









Transient Simulation and Economics of a Solar-Assisted Desiccant Air Conditioning System, Technical Paper presented at the 19th Southeastern Conference on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (SECTAM), Deerfield Beach, Florida, May 1998.


Impacts of ASHRAE Standard 62-1989 on Florida Hotels, Contract Report, FSEC-CR-980-98, submitted to Florida Power and Light and Florida Energy Office, March 1998.


Impacts of ASHRAE Standard 62-1989 on Florida Retail Stores, Contract Report, FSEC-CR-948-97, submitted to Florida Power and Light and Florida Energy Office, September 1997.


Alternative Technologies to Mitigate the Impacts of ASHRAE Standard 62-1989 on Schools in Florida=s Hot and Humid Climate, Technical Paper presented at ASHRAE Winter Conference at Philadelphia, PA, January 1997.


Impacts of ASHRAE Standard 62-1989 on Florida Schools, Contract Report, FSEC-CR-856-95, submitted to Florida Power and Light and Florida Energy Office, December 1995.


Thermodynamics and Economics of a Steam Jet Refrigeration System, Technical Paper presented at the 30th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, Orlando, FL, July 1995.