Recent Fantasy Artwork and Sketches
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doodled sktech for a commission Lineart for a gryphon commission a commissioned LJ icon Some fun with cheerios doodled sktech for a commission Trying to figure out how dragon wings attach a cute purple catdragon mechanical pencil doodle fun with pizza! A still from my demo reel All my boyfriend's idea, I swear! Still his idea, I swear!

Life Drawings 1998-2001

Drawing 1 classwork Happyhappy cow skull fun with still life The final that took FOREVER A closer look No one is safe, not even the dog A closer look Nude study 2001

Acrylic Paintings, 2001

An attempt in the Pollock style My rendition of Kozik's uberhappy pig Pointilism attempt My very favorite acrylic work, which hangs in my room

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