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Anthony Recascino Selected Publications

Alpha Hydrids - Meteor Shower (T. Recascino Research)

Selected Publications & Presentation of Dr. Anthony Recascino

Astronmical League

Slooh Observatory's (World Wide)

ISS Construction Time Table

Meade Lx200 Tips & FAQ

Milburn Wedge (LX200)

NEAT Imaging Software

Maps & Bowsers

Hawaiin Astronomical Society

Deep Sky Atlas (provided by the Hawaiin Astronomical Society Sky maps and charts available for download.

Deep Sky Browser

Create your own Northern Hemisphere Planispere

Create your own Southern Hemisphere Planisphere

Galaxy/Object Data

Comets & Meteors

Meteor Shower Listing

Comet Charts (Harvard)

Comet Chasing SkyHound

Visual Comets in the Future (Northern Hemisphere)

Yoshida's Comet Web Site

Comets Visible Tonight!

Comet Charts For Current Comets

Reporting New Comet (email address is) mpc@cfa.harvard.edu

Ocular Information

Ocular Data

Calculate Eye Piece Magnification

Digital Stargate (Fabiomassimo Castelluzzo)

Moonrise/Moonset Calculator

Calculate Limiting Magnitude

Globular Clusters

Messier Globular Cluster List (SEDS)

Palomar Globulars

Palomar Star Clusters

Distant Palomars 14 & 15

Terzan Globulars

Shapley/Sawyer Globular Cluster Classification System

Andromeda Extra Galactic Globulars

Viewing Jupiter's Red Spot

The Night Sky in the World


Drift Alignment Video

Polar Alignment 2 arc-minute alignment

Superwedge Lx200 models Instructions

Polar Alignment Meade Lx200

Lx200 Meade MAPUG Information

Iterative Polar Alignment

Iterative Polar Alignment Part II

Polar Alignment Video

LX200 Alignment Checklist

Find Uranus

Web Cam Imaging

Phases of the Moon

Phases of the Moon II

Moon and Planets (When the rise and set)

Satelite Tracking Software

Satelite Tracking NASA

IIS Tracking

Real Time Satelite Tracking

Satelite Tracking Tom Kelso

Planet Tracking Software

ISS Coordinates for Tracking Station



Planetary Galactic Comets

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