NGC 104    
Dr. Anthony Recascino
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comets (selected images)

The observations and images below were captured using a variety of telescopic systems. They include a Meade 12 inch LX200, Meade 16 and the use of 2 (14 inch CST's) remote scopes (Slooh). Imaging devices used; DSI's, Starshoot's, etc.


K5 McNaught   81P Wild 2   Comet Lulin   Comet Spring
K5 McNaught 2010 Imaged 4-1-10
  81P Wild Imaged 3-26-10
  Lulin Imaged 2-28-09
  Q3 Siding/Spring Imaged 10-31-09
88P Howell   Comet R1 McNaught   R1 McNaught   Comet
88P Howell 2009 Imaged 10-13-09
  C2009 R1 McNaught Imaged 5-23-10
  R1 McNaught Imaged 6-6-10
  K5 McNaught Imaged 5-30-10
Comet   Comet   Comet   Comet
C/2006 W3 Christensen Imaged 8-9-09
  118P Shoemaker/Levy Imaged 11-8-09
  29P Schwassmann-Wachmann 1-11-09
  22P Knopf Imaged 8-12-09
FK 75  Lemmon Siding Spring   103P Hartley   Bennet  
C/2008 FK 75 Lemmon Siding Spring 6-29-10
  103P Hartley Imaged 9-9-10
  Comet Bennet Imaged circa 1970
10P Temple   Ikeya Murakami   Comet Cardinal   Garradd
10P Temple Imaged 10-14-10
  C2010 Ikeya Murakami Imaged 11-11-10
  2010 B1 Cardinal 12-24-10
  Garradd C2009 P1 8-3-11






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