Alpha Pi Mu

Industrial Engineering Honor Society
Established in 1949

Alpha Pi Mu University of Central Florida Department of Industrial Engineering P.O. Box 162450 Orlando, FL 32816-2450

Member of The Association of College Honor Societies

Chartered at Florida Technological University (University of Central Florida) in 1973

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It is the purpose of Alpha Pi Mu to confer recognition upon students of Industrial Engineering who have shown exceptional academic interests and abilities, leadership, ethicality, sociability, and widespread interest. Alpha Pi Mu encourages participation in activities which may be beneficial to the profession of Industrial Engineering. It encourages assistance and cooperation with all organizations and persons working for the interests of Industrial Engineering.

Juniors who have maintained an average scholastic grade in the upper one-fifth, seniors who have maintained an average scholastic grade in the upper one-third of the Industrial Engineering class of which they are a member, and graduate students who receive a written recommendation from the head of the Department of Industrial Engineering or a member of the faculty designated by the department head shall be eligible for active membership.


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