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PituitaryMaster Gland -- Secretes Hormones
Infundibular StalkConnects pituitary to hypothalamus
HypothalamusRegulates motivated behavior
Thalamus Receives sensory information from all senses except taste and smell, then organizes and routes the information to the appropriate cortical areas.
Massa IntermediaA commissure that connects both sides of the thalamus (the right and left complexes)
Spinal CordMediates spinal reflexes, receives sensory info. (afferent) -- transmits motor info. (efferent)
MedullaControls vital functions -- (breathing, heart rate, and respiration)
PonsControls paradoxical sleep
Inferior ColliculiAuditory startle reflex
Superior ColliculiVisual startle reflex
Optic ChaismVisual information crossover point
FornixAggresive behavior; limbic functions