Welcome to the Brain Model Tutorial!
         This tutorial is designed to teach you the various parts of the brain and their functions. To begin, click on one of the following pictures, and step through the directions on each page. When finished with all of the parts of one page, please return to this main page and click on the next picture to continue the tutorial.
Helpful Hint: To make things go faster -- allow each page to load up fully before going to another page. This will keep your computer from having to reload each time you return to a page.

         Besides my tutorial, there is a multitude of places on the net to learn about the brain and the central nervous system in general. To bring you the best of them I will be creating a series of pages that will do the work of searching the net for you. The items on these pages are in no way in the format of a tutorial, but they will allow you to choose what you want to see and learn. (These pages are in their infancy, and I will be adding to them to help them grow. Until then, they may look a little slim.)
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This tutorial was created by Mark Darty

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